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Five questions with men's basketball player Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart, men's basketball, 1,017 career points

1. You are from Bangor, Maine, a drive of about 55 miles from the College. What made you decide to stay close to home and go to Colby?

Well besides the appeal of coming south for the warm weather, the most important factor was the community feel that I noticed at Colby when I visited campus. My family is something that is incredibly important to me, so it was fantastic to find a place so close to home where I felt that same sense of family and community.

2. You are getting your teaching certification and doing some teaching in a local school. Where are you teaching and how is that going?

I have been doing my student teaching at Waterville Junior High School, teaching eighth grade math with teaching mentor Ed Worcester. I have been teaching full-time with one Algebra class and four Pre-Algebra classes every day. Mr. Worcester has been a terrific mentor in the classroom and has allowed me to make great strides as a teacher. Recently, I was able to teach a unit that I designed in my teaching methods course in the fall. This was an incredible experience for me, as I felt ownership of the material and was able to apply what I learned in the classroom at Colby to my classroom in Waterville. This Friday is my last day of student teaching, which is a bittersweet feeling. I am excited to start the job search, but will sincerely miss all of my students. 

3. Professor Adam Howard is the faculty liaison for the men's basketball program. You and others from the team have worked with him as research assistants. What have you done and what has the experience been like?

My experience as a research assistant for Professor Howard has been the most influential and impactful academic experience I have had at Colby. He does a terrific job of engaging with and relating to his students, as well as allowing them to participate in real educational research as undergraduate students. My experience with Adam began as a research assistant, but has transformed to a point where we are co-leading a research project on global citizenship at six different independent schools around the globe. This project has been a wonderful experience for me and has taken me on site visits to Denmark, Jordan, and Australia. During these visits we observe the schools we have been researching, interview teachers, administrators, and students as well as examine the social aesthetics of each school. We also give feedback, and present our research to the schools. Adam and I have already presented our research at a conference, and are hoping to publish a book on our findings in the coming years. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and he has been a fantastic mentor to me,  along with many of  other basketball players as our academic liaison. If you are curious to know more about the various aspects of the project, feel free to check out our website
4. You missed your entire junior season due to injury. What was your issue and how hard was it not to play?

During my junior year, I missed the entire season due to two herniated discs in my back. While it was incredibly difficult to not be with my teammates on the court during the season, my junior year was incredibly important for me in other ways. Being injured allowed me to focus my mental capacity on the project and commit to the research. The combination of the injury and the time I spent with the research project allowed me to realize that I want to be involved in education in the future as a teacher and coach. While it was a physically difficult time for me, I am thankful for the experience, as I certainly would not be where I am today without it. 


5. You came to Colby with six other seniors, but you are the only left since you are using your full four years of athletic eligibility after missing the junior season. The team now has a group of eight first-year players. Is it strange not being with your old group?

It is has definitely been different without the teammates that were with me at the beginning. That being said, I love this new group of first-year guys. I see many similarities between the new group of first-years and our group during our first year. They are a great group of guys to spend time with both on and off the court. During this final season I have tried to best represent my class while sharing my experiences with first-years as they strive to take Colby basketball to a championship level program. 
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