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Colby has 48 earn NESCAC All-Academic honors

WATERVILLE, Maine -- Colby College men's soccer player Cam Clouse was one of only three New England Small College Athletic Conference fall student athletes to be named to the all-conference team, the all-sportsmanship team, and the all-academic team.

Clouse was one of 48 Colby athletes to earn NESCAC All-Academic Team honors Wednesday.
The minimum grade point average was raised to 3.50 this year. Those honored also must be of at least sophomore standing and transfers must have completed one year at the school.
Clouse earned all three NESCAC honors along with Amherst College men's cross country runner Tucker Meijer and Middlebury College volleyball player Sarah Staver.
Men's soccer player Dan Carlson was on the all-league and all-academic team along with men's cross country runner Eli Decker. Football player Matt Richman, women's soccer player Catherine Fraser, and women's cross country runner Sonia Tremblay made the academic and sportsmanship teams.
Carlson, Clouse, Fraser, field hockey player Sarah Gaffney, men's soccer player Grady Jendzejec, men's cross country runner Josiah Johnson, men's cross country runner Gabe Kline, men's soccer player Wyett MacDonald, volleyball player Erin Maidman, Richman, women's soccer player Samantha Rizzo, women's soccer player Katie Senechal, and football player Brandon Troisi all made the academic team for the third straight year.
NESCAC Fall All-Academic Team
Lindsay Ayers (Lewisburg, Pa.), women's soccer, junior
Brit Biddle (Burlingame, Calif.), women's cross country, senior
Adam Bowes (Richmond, Va.), men's cross country, sophomore
Naomi Burhans (Winchester, Mass.), women's soccer, sophomore
Dan Carlson (Littleton, Mass.), men's soccer, senior
Cam Clouse (Holliston, Mass.), men's soccer, senior
Eli Decker (Concord, Mass.), men's cross country, sophomore
Kaitlyn Deming (New Hartford, Conn.), women's cross country, junior
Emily Demmon (Atherton, Calif.), women's soccer, sophomore
Rob Dettmann (Chicago, Ill.), men's cross country, junior
Jason Dunn (Wilmington, Mass.), men's cross country, sophomore
Jack Fletcher (Wayland, Mass.), men's soccer, sophomore
Grace Franklin (Ridgefield, Conn.), women's soccer, sophomore
Catherine Fraser (Orono, Minn.), women's soccer, senior
Sarah Gaffney (Bolton, Mass.), field hockey, senior
Chris George (North Kingstown, R.I.), football, junior
Katherine Gillespie (Arundel, Maine), women's soccer, senior
Shannon Gray (East Bridgewater, Mass.), women's soccer, sophomore
Olivia Greif (Needham, Mass.), women's soccer, sophomore
Dominic Giardini (Franklin, Mass.), men's cross country, junior
Nick Hall (Cohasset, Mass.), football, sophomore
Grady Jendzejec (Chappaqua, N.Y.), men's soccer, senior
Josiah Johnson (Glenshaw, Pa.), men's cross country, senior
Matt Johnson (Medfield, Mass.), men's soccer, junior
Delaney Keithley (Chelsea, Maine), field hockey, sophomore
MJ Kievman (Manchester, Conn.), women's cross country, junior
Gabe Kline (Acton, Mass.), men's cross country, senior
Dani Lonati (Franklin, Mass.), women's soccer, junior
Wyett MacDonald (Planfield, N.H.), men's soccer, senior
Erin Maidman (Ventura, Calif.), volleyball, senior
David O'Donnell (Kensington, N.H.), football, sophomore
Sofia Oliveira (Chantily, Va.), women's country, sophomore
Nicole Petherbridge (Tewksbury, Mass.), volleyball, junior
Anna Piemattei (Baltimore, Md), women's cross country, sophomore
Matt Richman (Sudbury, Mass.), football, senior
Catie Riley (Tyngsborough, Mass.), women's cross country, sophomore
Samantha Rizzo (Swampscott, Mass.), women's soccer, senior    
Katie Senechal (Saco, Maine), women's soccer, senior
Hannah Southwick (South Kingstown, R.I.), women's cross country, sophomore
Ellie Spector (Bethesda, Md.), women's cross country, sophomore
Walter Thilly (Winchester, Mass.), football, sophomore
Sonia Tremblay (Billerica, Mass.), women's cross country, junior
Brandon Troisi (Lynnfield, Mass.), football, senior
Cole Turissini (Winchester, Mass.), men's soccer, senior
Lauren Walter (Dedham, Mass.), field hockey, sophomore
Whitney White (Buena Vista, Colo.), women's cross country, sophomore
Cassandra Winkelman (Wellesley, Mass.), women's cross country, sophomore
Delaney Wood (Centerville, Mass.), volleyball, sophomore